Surin Islands Bungalows

Similan Islands Bungalows

Currently there are 10 bungalows available for rent. They do feature air-conditioning and attached bathrooms.  While Simple and clean, they are owned and operated by the government. But if you want a nice place to stay on the Islands, this is it! the cost is 2000 Baht per night and reservations are recommended at all times.

There is also ONE family bungalow that can sleep 4 people available for 3000 Baht per night. This must be booked far in advance as it is very popular.

The Surin Islands are uninhabited except for some rangers that work year-round and a small village of Sea Gypsies. However  - the government of Thailand has built some bungalows that are available for rent per night. That is Great news.

Sadly – they made the process extremely difficult and hard to complete. Please try for your self:

As there are very few people who can get to a bank in Thailand and pay this reservation system directly, many a tourists has found the process maddening and avoided staying there all together. However, we can help! We live and work in Khao Lak and the park headquarters is only 10 minutes away. When you contact us, we will actually go in person, pay the booking and get the receipt. In addition – you may pay us  online via credit card or paypal. Yes, we do charge a fee for these services.

To make matters even more difficult, any given reservation must be fully paid in 72 hours or it is deleted. This is not our policy – it is the rules laid out by the national park (read at the bottom of their booking form, link above). So please do not feel that we are trying to apply pressure – but when you contact us about these bookings, we can only reserve the rooms for 72 hours AND we must pay before that time. In case you do pay us the amount and we are not able to complete the payment in time (weather, delays in Paypal approving payment, etc) we will refund the full amount. IF there is no booking – we do not take payment!